Charity Fundraising Ideas

So you want to raise money for a good cause and are looking to do something just a little bit different? Well a fun casino may be just what you are looking for!

Fun Casinos are exciting for your guests, giving them an authentic taste of a casino atmosphere and the opportunity to have fun and win some great prizes… all whilst donating to a cause close to their hearts.

Here are some details about how we would run your evening…

At the start of the gaming period we will explain the games and give all your guests some ‘fun money’, (maybe $20 each) so they can have a free bet and get the gambling bug. After that they must buy in for more fun money for cash from a ‘cash desk’ put on by you. This can just be someone sitting at a small table selling the $100 bills we’ll give you for £5 or £10 each, depending on what you consider appropriate for your guests. The fun money can then be exchanged for chips on the tables. We’ll keep track of who has the most money and half an hour before the end of the gaming we’ll put the chip leaders onto a final table for a ‘play-off’ and the winners will win the prizes you have supplied, plus a Fun Casino Events tournament winner trophy supplied by us.

For you to maximize your fundraising on the night it’s a good idea to get local businesses to sponsor the casino, or a table, in exchange for some promotion on the night. We recently did a fundraiser at Taverham Hall School where the whole casino was sponsored by a company named Poultex, so all money we raised went to the charity. To make it attractive to businesses, we can put their promotional material on the tables, on any advertising you do to promote the event, we can mention and thank them frequently on the night, plus we can add their logos to the fun money if they wish.

We can also do a ‘roulette raffle’ every 30 or 60 minutes, giving everyone a chance to win cash each time. We’ll sell 37 tickets (one for each of the numbers on the wheel) and when they are all sold we’ll announce ‘next spin is the roulette raffle’. We then spin the ball and the person with that number will win 50% of the take with the rest going to the charity. This is the only way we can actually give cash prizes at a fun casino so is popular with guests.

37 tickets at £2 each = £74 – winner and charity get £37 each

37 tickets at £3 each = £111 – winner and charity get £55.50 each

37 tickets at £5 each = £185 – winner and charity get £92.50 each

There are other ways to raise funds too, plus themed events such as Las Vegas Nights, or James Bond Nights, to add a bit of extra sparkle. If you’d like to chat about your particular requirements you can start by sending an email to with ‘charity fundraiser’ in the subject line. Be sure to add your contact number so we can give you a call back right away.

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