Why we are different

So… What makes us different from other fun casinos?

Experience: The 4 owners of Fun Casino Events have close to 80 years of real casino experience, much of it from casinos all around the world. The Bahamas, Russia and The Ukraine, Europe, South Africa, the Cruise Ships, we’ve worked them all, so you’re guaranteed an authentic casino experience (plus we have some great stories!)

Equipment: We are constantly reinvesting in new equipment, so you won’t see old and tired tables, or have 3 tables with 3 different colour baizes at your special event. Our tables are in great condition, and they match! All with beautiful blue baize, just like in a top London club!

Events: We go ‘All In’ to make your event a success. From the time you start speaking to us we’ll do all we can to help you make the right choices regarding table choice, venue, other entertainment etc. Nothing is too much trouble… plus we have a great selection of props if you’d like a themed event such as James Bond night… or Las Vegas… or Monaco! We can even provide a formula one car!

Price: Although we know we provide the best service around, our prices are still very competitive. How do we do this? Simply because with 4 of us running the business we rarely need to employ anyone from the outside, thus keeping our costs to a minimum. Ask us for a quote and you may be surprised!

Oh, one more thing. We LOVE what we do… and it shows!

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